Liposuction Cost Depend on Chosen Method

Liposuction Cost Depend on Chosen Method

The liposuction is body fat removal procedure. This procedure helping get rid of unwanted fat deposits and fat packets from the different body areas.

Nowadays, there are few techniques and the cost of liposuction partly depends of the chosen method.

Why is it so?

Well, the liposuction procedure can be classified in two groups: invasive and non-invasive liposuction.

Invasive methods include bigger skin incisions and bigger tissue trauma. As the consequence, these procedures can be followed up by the harming of the surrounding tissue, more intensive bleeding, post operative swelling and bruising presence. Also, the recovery period is longer and the patient should stay in the hospital several days.

All these factors can affect higher liposuction costs of these methods.

When is necessary to practice these more invasive techniques?

In general, it is used when larger areas of the body are in question. But, finally, it is a surgeon who makes assessment during the consultation and offers possible methods to a patient.

Although there are few different methods, tumescent liposuction is today most frequently used. This method is also called liposculpture. Here are the main steps of this one surgical process:

  1. The surgeon injects special solution in the areas which are going to be treated. This solution usually contains anesthesia and hormone (epinephrine) which is going to dissolve and degrade fat into fluid emulsion.
  2. The surgeon insert under the skin a medical tool called canola. It is hollow tube which is going to suction the fatty emulsion using the vacuum effect.

The other surgical methods are happening in a very similar way, and the main difference is in the presence and quantity of the solution which is injected in the body. Anyway, liposculpture is one of the most developed methods.

On the other hand, there are several non-invasive liposuction methods

1. Laser liposuction procedure uses laser energy to emulsified fat. All the process can be done without suction because the body can eliminate itself a small amount of the liquefied fat.

This method can be used for the smaller areas or it can be repeated several times for the bigger fat deposits. It has several variations like smart lipo, smart lipo and cool lipo.

2. Ultrasonic liposuction uses ultrasonic waves to break down and melt out fatty locations. Ultrasonic waves are high-frequency mechanical waves (above 20 kHz).

Laser and ultrasound methods are modern forms of liposuction which are using energy of laser and mechanical waves to liquefy located fat deposits. These are non-invasive liposuction methods because there is minimal probability of damaging the surrounding tissue and blood vessels and muscles should stay untouched. Also, the cuts to drain the fat fluid are minimal or they are not necessary at all if the treated areas are small. So, the bruising and swelling are almost negligible after the procedure.

Some surgeons combine different methods to obtain the best results. In the modern medicine there are also non surgical liposuction techniques.

So, that is why the liposuction prices partly depend on the chosen method. For example, laser liposuction cost and smart liposuction cost are usually lower than ultrasonic liposuction cost and vaser liposuction cost and non –invasive liposuction techniques are usually cheaper than traditional, invasive methods.

The liposuction cost is also determined by some other factors like area which is treated. For instance, chin liposuction cost is lower than arm liposuction cost or abdominal liposuction cost. Here it is in question the size and accessibility of the certain body area.

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The liposuction is body fat removal procedure. This procedure helping get rid of unwanted fat deposits and fat packets from the different body areas.